On June 5th 1949, a meeting was held to organize a Mt. Grove Fundamental Methodist Church.  The pastor, Onis Bieler presided over the meeting and there were five members united at that time.  They were Chester and Juanita Neill, Edith Marbut, Imogene Henderson, and Elza J Swadley.  The church books were left open until the end of the month and by that time there were 19 members.  The others were Albert and Lennie Bashaw, Maurice and Faye Lowery, Thelma Ruth Marbut, Chalmer and Etta Medlin, Thelma Louise Lowery, Phyllis and Phillip Bashaw, Claude, Hallie, and Marjorie Carey and Acquilla Swadley.

In May 1952, the little congregation bought the Poke Berry school house on Willow Branch near Jenkins, Missouri and moved it to its present location, on the land donated by Erskil and Marzelle Henderson.  After considerable work, they moved into the new church in May 1952, and Brother Lester Lemons was called as the pastor for half time services, meeting 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month.  The meetings were changed in 1954 to meet the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month.

Dedication services were held at Easyville Fundamental Methodist Church on February 22, 1953 with Brother Roy Keith bringing the message.

Several times during the years remodeling projects were done to better meet the needs of the congregation.  A new auditorium was built and the first service was held in it on March 23, 2002.  The kitchen was remodeled and finished in September 2008.

One of the highlights of the church was the largest revival after held in this area.  It started in August 1961 with Pastor Lloyd Taylor and Evangelist Roy Lee Wade preaching.  It continued through November 1961 with very large crowds and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  There were 145 confessed conversions and renewals during the meeting.

Another moment to remember was in March 1975, when a flood came and moved the church building off its foundation about 3 feet.  It raised the building up allowing logs and debris to float under the building so it had to be raised up again by house movers and the debris cleaned out from under it and moved back on the foundation and fastened back down.

In 2003, Easyville Fundamental Methodist Church was instrumental in bringing Christian education to the area.  The congregation graciously opened its doors to allow Berean Christian Academy to use its facilities.  The school opened with 18 students and 3 faculty members.  Today the school boasts an enrollment of over 130 students and 20 faculty members.  Many members of Easyville FMC are still volunteers and a great help to BCA.

In June 2009, the church celebrated its 60th anniversary with a day of dinner on the grounds, singing, picture taking and fellowship.  Large crowds were in attendance and 2 of the charter members were present.  They were Juanita Neill and Thelma Louise (Lowery) Wormington.  Previous pastors were honored.

During the past years the following ministers has served as pastor of Easyville Fundamental Methodist Church:  Onis Bieler, Fred Cunningham, Lester Lemons, Roy Wade, Earl Batson, Maurice Lowery, Gene and Velma Lowery, Lloyd Taylor, Arnold Ray Evans, Ronnie Howerton, Bill Gillkerson, Wayne Pennel, Ronnie Fieker, Larry Lowery, Jesse Cole, and the present pastor, Wyatt Howerton.


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